Terms and conditions of use

This user agreement includes the terms and conditions applicable to your use of our services on our sites.


Welcome to VaReHo To become a VaReHo user and benefit from all its services, you need to read and accept all the terms and conditions in this user agreement and the rules on privacy and other related rules of the site. We strongly advise you to access the information and related rules of the site and peruse them during the reading of this agreement.

Use of VaReHo

The use of our site and our services prohibits:

  • add your contact details (name, telephone, email, web address etc.), comments from previous guests or links to external websites to the announcements;
  • publishing adverts with inappropriate content, images and videos in relation to the subject matter and services offered by VaReHo;
  • infringing the law, the rights of others and the regulations contained in our website;
  • using our services if you are not entitled to enter into legally-binding contracts or if you have been temporarily or permanently suspended from our site;
  • publishing false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory or slanderous information (including personal information);
  • transferring your VaReHo account and the nickname to others without our agreement;
  • using or publishing spam, chain messages or links to internet sites completely unrelated to VaReHo;
  • disseminating viruses or any other technology to damage VaReHo or the interests or rights of VaReHo property;
  • copying, modifying or disseminating the content of the VaReHo site or intellectual property rights and the registered brands of VaReHo;
  • collecting or making a manual or automatic copy of information on users in any way, including e-mail addresses, without their explicit approval.

Misuse of VaReHo

VaReHo is committed to keeping its services working in optimum working order and ensuring the safety of its Travel-Community and all its registered users. We encourage you to let us know about issues, offensive content and violation of regulations by sending an e-mail to our customer support service.

If VaReHo considers that a user has undertaken actions that can result in issues or legal responsibilities and that such actions are contrary to its own regulations, it can, by way of example only, limit, suspend or interrupt the user’s services and account, forbid access to the site, withdraw or eliminate the saved contents and take technical and legal measures to prevent that user from accessing the site. Furthermore VaReHo reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed accounts or accounts that have been inactive for a long time.

Fees and services

These booking fees include VAT and can be subject to occasional modifications. Furthermore VaReHo has the right to temporarily modify the fees charged for its services for promotional events and for the creation of new services. Such modifications are valid when the temporary promotional event or respective new service is published on the site.

Package Bronze

Listings: 1

    24 Photos
      1 Video

        Availability Calendar

        Text Message Alerts

        Personal Website Link

        Annual listing

        € 69



        Package Silver

        Listings: 10

          24 Photos
            1 Video

              Availability Calendar

              Text Message Alerts

              Personal Website Link

              Annual listing

              € 159



              Package Gold

              Listings: UNLIMITED

                24 Photos
                  1 Video

                    Availability Calendar

                    Text Message Alerts

                    Personal Website Link

                    Annual listing

                    € 299



                    When you provide VaReHo with content (such as photos, videos and descriptive content), you grant VaReHo, free of charge, a perpetual, irrevocable and fully transferable licence of use of the copyright and right of publication without territorial limits. However you are responsible for the photos, videos, your personal profile data and all the content uploaded and shared on VaReHo. You are aware and agree that VaReHo can, but is under no obligation to, check the site and cancel or remove (without warning) any content that in its judgement contravenes ethical and moral standards or may be offensive, illegal, violate rights or damage or threaten the security of other users or people.


                    VaReHo is a service company that offers a dedicated space for owners/managers and guests of tourist accommodation, where adverts are published all around the world. By accepting the following user agreement you recognize that VaReHo is not an estate agent and does not provide services such as:

                    • welcoming guests;
                    • handing over keys;
                    • verification of the actual state of properties.

                    As a result VaReHo has no control or responsibility relating to the quality, security and lawfulness of the holiday homes publicized. Furthermore VaReHo is unable to verify the truthfulness and accuracy of the adverts. Finally it is in no way responsible for economic losses or loss of goodwill or for damage to reputations or for special, indirect damages or damages resulting from the use of its sites and services. In all cases possible amends for the responsibility of VaReHo towards you or third parties is limited by the amount of the fees paid by you in the previous 12 months and up to a maximum amount of €100.00 (one hundred euro, zero cents).


                    By accepting this agreement, you undertake to indemnify VaReHo and its staff, managers, agents and all companies of the group, including their staff against any claim or request for compensation from third parties, that may derive from the breach of as few as one of the conditions contained in this agreement, the obligations of the law and the rights of third parties.

                    Access and interference

                    Most of the information on our sites is updated in real time and is our property or its use has been licensed to us by our users or third parties. By accepting the agreement, you undertake not to use software programmes or other automated or manual mechanisms to copy or access our web pages and their content without our express written permission.

                    You also undertake not to:

                    • perform any action that (in our final judgement) can cause an unreasonable overload of our technological infrastructure and system;
                    • copy, reduce, alter, modify or disclose the contents of our sites (except your personal information) without our express written authorization or the express approval of the third party holders of intellectual property rights of this content;
                    • use any mechanism, software or process that can interfere with the correct performance of our site;
                    • bypass our instruments to exclude search engines’ automated systems (robots) or other procedures adopted by VaReHo to prevent or restrict access to sites.


                    VaReHo will not sell or pass on your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent. Your data will be handled strictly according to our privacy regulations. Safeguarding our users is very important for VaReHo, Your data will be stored and processed in computer servers in Italy which are protected by physical and technological security devices. By accessing your account, you can consult the data supplied by you and modify it, as well as choose not to receive particular communications. VaReHo uses third parties to verify and certify their principles on privacy. For the complete description of how we use and protect your personal information, see our regulations on privacy. If you object to the transfer or use of your data in this way, we kindly request that you do not use our services. On all the site’s pages, with VaReHo’ discretion, publicity banners and sales information relating to third parties (companies or natural persons) or to other services offered by VaReHo can appear.

                    Independence of the parties

                    VaReHo and its users act in full autonomy and independence, the present agreement does not create any relationship of cooperation, agency, association, intermediation or employment.


                    Unless otherwise specified, legal communications shall be made to the registered office of VaReHo and to the e-mail address you supplied during the registration procedure. Alternatively, VaReHo can send a legal communication to the postal address you provided during the registration procedure.

                    Periods of system unavailability

                    The user accepts that, in particular circumstances, VaReHo envisages periods of unavailability during which accommodation cannot be posted or availability requested. This can be a result of site maintenance or other technical reasons.

                    VaReHo regulations

                    To guarantee a secure and pleasant platform to rent out and request availability of tourist accommodation with total peace of mind, VaReHo has drawn up a set of rules to govern conduct. The VaReHo rules are organized into the following categories:

                    • General rules: valid for all users, employees and owners of VaReHo. This section details the regulations for the protection of your privacy and identity.
                    • Rules for travellers: this section features the rules on information supplied by users and on the responsibilities assumed when requesting the availability of property and confirming booking.

                    The rules of VaReHo aim to:

                    • comply with laws and standards;
                    • reduce the risks for travellers and owners/managers of property;
                    • provide equal opportunities to all advertisers;
                    • protect intellectual property rights;
                    • uphold the values of the VaReHo’ Travel-Community.

                    VaReHo is committed to respecting these regulations. By accepting this user agreement, you agree to respect these regulations. Breaking even one of these rules will result in several consequences including the following:

                    • closure of adverts;
                    • restriction of account privileges;
                    • suspension of the account;
                    • removal of feedback score and/or related comments;
                    • permanent exclusion from the site and all the services offered by VaReHo.

                    Respecting these rules is the key to the success of our rentals and holidays.


                    If a clause in this agreement is invalid or ineffective, the same shall not extend to the remaining contractual clauses. The titles of the articles of this agreement have a purely descriptive purpose and in no way limit or illustrate the meaning and content of the article in question. Should VaReHo abstain from exercising one or more of its rights, this does not constitute relinquisVaReHoent of the right to take action vis-à-vis you or third parties for the infringement of commitments taken on. VaReHo does not guarantee that it will exercise its rights and act on all the infringements of the present agreement. VaReHo may modify the content of the agreement at any time by publishing a new version on its website. Unless otherwise specified, all the new terms and conditions of the agreement will automatically take effect 30 (thirty) days from the publication date. These terms and conditions of use represent the entire agreement between VaReHo and the user.

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