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Spoof sites and e-mails

It is important to know how to deal with fake (spoof or phishing) e-mails and websites which can be risky for less experienced users. Fake e-mail addresses and websites appear to have been sent by VaReHo, or by other companies, bodies or organizations, and are (only in theory) identical to the original ones. However these are sophisticated imitations that have the fraudulent aim of extracting personal data, such as credit card numbers and passwords. When you receive a suspicious e-mail we advise you not to click on the possible links contained in the message. If, alternatively, you have already given private information to a spoof website or suspect that an unauthorized user has tried to access your VaReHo account or has already used it, report the infringement to our Custom Support team.

Theft of the account

If you suspect that an unauthorized user has attempted to access your VaReHo account or has already used it, let our Customer Support service know of the infringement.

VaReHo is totally committed to keeping your contact information secure.

IMPORTANT! The first step is to check if family members or other people authorized to use your account have made changes. After this simple check, try to access your personal area. If you do not manage to access your account, contact us to receive assistance.

If your account has become compromised, VaReHo will work with you to protect it. VaReHo will ask you to change the password (not to provide us with it) and can temporarily suspend or completely cancel your account.

Computer protection

Increase your online security by taking necessary steps against viruses that can damage your computer and spy on your online activity.

Protect your computer with antivirus protection

Minimize risks by installing effective antivirus software. Installing a firewall to increase the security of your computer is also advisable. A firewall is a type of software that serves to protect a network and avoid internet intrusion.

Make the most of the full capacity of antivirus protection:

  • keep your antivirus software permanently updated;
  • set the software automatic update;
  • carry out regular checks on your computer.

Password protection

Keep you password safe, online and offline. If your password falls into the wrong hands, someone might be able to access your account and use your identity.

A few simple tricks will help you to keep your password secure:

  • do not use the same password for different sites;
  • create a secure password by using a combination of letters and numbers;
  • change your password often;
  • do not reveal your password to anybody;
  • before typing in your password always check the address on the navigation bar.

Non-conformance of accommodation

VaReHo inhibits owners/managers that are not committed to providing descriptions, images and videos of their accommodation and locations that do not conform to reality.

Tackling violations

VaReHo would like to contribute to the elimination of this phenomenon for the following reasons:

  • booking a holiday house that does not match the description is a negative experience for users;
  • confidence in our site and its image is threatened by featuring accommodation that does not conform to reality.

What steps have VaReHo taken to counter this phenomenon?

VaReHo is constantly committed to finding enhanced systems to prevent accommodation with descriptions that do not conform to reality appearing on its web pages. Some of these systems are listed below:

  • proactive removal of posted accommodation and summary information including conflicting material;
  • removal of the adverts relating to the accommodation that do not conform to the reality pointed out by honest travellers who stayed there;
  • a dedicated Customer Support service, to rapidly identify and permanently remove adverts that violate the VaReHo rules.

What can you do?

If you are an owner/manager:

  • you must undertake to respect the terms and conditions of use providing descriptions, images and videos of the accommodation and the areas in which these must conform to reality.

If you’re a traveller:

  • we invite you, at the end of the your stay, to express an overall opinion on the accommodation that you booked. This is why VaReHo offers you a valid system of feedback. Don’t forget: your reviews and comments are precious information for other travellers that, like you, expect to find accommodation with descriptions that conform to reality.

If you find accommodation that does not conform to the description on the site, let our Customer Support know of the infringement so that the owner/manager’s account that does not respect VaReHo regulations is suspended or cancelled.

Abuse of feedback

At VaReHo feedback is based on trust. Abuse of the VaReHo feedback system damages the integrity of the system itself and lowers confidence in the VaReHo portal. Even if the feedback forms a system of exchange between users, in particular situations VaReHo will remove feedback comments.

Feedback comments that include the following are not allowed:

  • links or scripts;
  • references to investigations undertaken by VaReHo;
  • negative comments conflicting with positive reviews;
  • personal information results in the identification of other users, such as real names, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mails;
  • comments of a political, religious or corporate nature;
  • comments on other bookings or unrelated subjects;
  • comments containing profanity, vulgarity, obscenity or racist expressions or adult material.

The infringement of just one of these rules can result in:

  • closure down of the advert;
  • curtailment of the use of VaReHo;
  • suspension of the account;
  • removal of feedback scores and/or related comments;
  • permanent exclusion from the site and all the services offered by VaReHo.

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