Rules for Owners/managers

All users, registered to our services as owners/managers, must become familiar with and respect the rules in this section. These rules have been created to safeguard users, allowing them to become part of our growing Travel-Community and ensuring that VaReHo remains a safe site.

As owner/manager, registered to VaReHo services, you undertake to:

  • publish detailed adverts with accurate information that conforms to reality;
  • provide tidy, clean holiday homes in good condition and with adequate facilities;
  • ensure the stay goes smoothly, provide a warm welcome and offer assistance to all guests;
  • respond in reasonable time to the availability requests received by “travellers”;
  • regularly update your adverts and calendars of availability of your accommodation;
  • leave, at the end of each stay, a sincere account and a overall opinion of the propriety of each guest. For this purpose, VaReHo offers a valid system of feedback.

In addition to the rules valid for all users, VaReHo also has general and specific rules for travellers.

The infringement of these rules can result in:

  • closure of adverts;
  • curtailment of the use of VaReHo;
  • suspension of the account;
  • removal of feedback and/or related comments;
  • permanent exclusion from the site and all the services offered by VaReHo.

Respecting these rules is the key to the total success of our rentals and holidays.

Do you want to become an owner/manager? Consult the guide for owners/managers.

VaReHo may modify the content of the agreement at any time by publishing a new version on its website. Unless specified to the contrary, all the new rules for owners/managers will automatically take effect 30 (thirty) days from the publication date. These rules form an integral part of the agreement between users and VaReHo.

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