Responsible tourism

VaReHo invites you to plan and experience your holiday according to the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism,

which means being a careful traveller safeguarding the environment of the place you visit and respecting its population, culture and local customs.

A responsible tourist should:

  • make good use of the natural resources that are the key elements in the development of tourism itself, so helping to preserve its environmental heritage and biodiversity;
  • respect the social and cultural authenticity of your host communities and adapt to customs and traditions of the local cultural heritage, thus contributing to intercultural cooperation and tolerance.

How can you put these principles into practice? VaReHo offers you some simple and practical advice.

1. Before leaving:

  • research the culture, history, gastronomy and environment of your holiday destination and perhaps even learn some useful words in the local language;
  • try to travel using transport that respects the population and the local environment.

2. During the trip:

  • adapt to the customs, traditions and local rules and respect them, dress appropriately for your environment and be friendly and respectful to your host population, don’t take everything for granted, and ask permission before immortalizing the locals in your photographs; your holiday is also a chance for intercultural exchange;
  • when possible, use locally-managed services (transport, bars, restaurants); by doing so you will help development of the local economy;
  • try out the local specialities and try and cook them with locally bought produce;
  • respect the rules regarding gratuities and charity and play your part in the development of local crafts by bringing home marvellous artefacts that will serve as a permanent record of your holiday;
  • respect nature and cultural heritage by not leaving any sign of your visit; whoever comes after you should have the chance to enjoy the environment and the historical and architectural wealth of the place just like you;
  • avoid wasting electricity and water by remembering to switch off appliances and turn off taps when you leave home;
  • be aware that every person deserves respect and has their own dignity, that no culture accepts being reduced to slavery and prostitution, even if unrelated to children, and that committing crimes abroad is the same as committing them in your own country.

3. After the holiday:

  • inform appropriate bodies of any abuse or intolerable situation that you have found
  • reflect on what you have seen and store the knowledge you have acquired, try to stay in contact with the people you met and honour promises you made.

Travelling is not just having a holiday. Travelling is about discovering and immersing yourself in different environments, different situations and different cultures. Why deny someone else the chance of experiencing what you have experienced? Responsible tourists make good use of current resources to allow future travellers to still enjoy them to the full. Travel responsibly with VaReHo.

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