How to rent out your holiday home

If you are thinking of renting out your property, VaReHo offers you this guide to become familiar with managing rentals. You will find some practical advice that will help you to manage, enhance and publicize your holiday home. You will discover simply and immediately how this activity can be a source of earnings, satisfaction and even fun!

And when you feel ready to enter the world of renting holiday homes, VaReHo will be there to guide you step by step in the publication of your advert and in the promotion of your property.

Renting out your holiday house on VaReHo is easy, safe and cheap. Follow these 5 simple steps to start to enjoy VaReHo services as an owner/manager.

1. Register

Joining the VaReHo Travel-Community is easy, secure and free. Just click on the link Sign up now, that you find in the top of each VaReHo page, type in the requested information, choose a password and provide a valid e-mail address. Further information on Registration

2. Prepare to enter the world of holiday house rentals

Are you and, in particular, your house ready to receive tourists from all around the world longing to have the perfect holiday? If the answer is, “No”, don’t worry. VaReHo has drawn up a practical guide for you on renting, where you can find useful advice on how to successfully rent out your property. This guide has everything you need to quickly meet your objectives. Further information on services offered to owners by VaReHo

3. Offer your guests traceable and secure methods of payment

The key words are reliability and security! Find out about secure payment methods. This is what you must communicate to potential guests that read your advert. Consequently you must offer favourable and secure methods and conditions of payment. Don’t forget that these factors can make the difference, influencing the final decision to choose your property. Additional information on payment methods

4. Post your property

Afterwards you have prepared to enter into the world of VaReHo rentals, you must place particular attention on certain issues before starting to post your properties:

  • Title: the title of the advert, that you have posted will appear on the top left of the page, accompanied by a brief description of the holiday homes that you can write yourself. Don’t forget that the title is the first thing that the traveller will notice about your house, so make sure that it is as detailed as possible! Include the property type (apartment, villa etc), a reference to its location and services offered.
  • Miniphotos: a presentation photo will feature in the summary box for the advert. This is up to you to choose since you can evaluate the photo that best draws attention to your property.
  • Description: this is the first of the tags that make up the advert page. It will be based on the information you provide when posting your holiday home, so try to be as precise as possible.
  • Services: this section is dedicated to services included in your holiday house and its immediate surroundings. As for the description, try to be as precise as possible when posting your advert.
  • Photos and videos: VaReHo allows you to upload up to 15 images and 3 videos relating to your holiday home. Considering that the photos act as the traveller’s eyes on your house, the more you post, the more prospective guests can evaluate and appreciate your property. The quality of the image and what it depicts is also important. Try and include at least one image for each room of the house and its outside areas, special facilities, a view of the property and a local panorama. Try and show off your holiday home to best effect by posting photographs of tidy well-lit spaces.
  • Fees and availability: VaReHo allows you to post prices per night/week/month in this section together with a calendar showing availability. This calendar will be automatically updated following each availability request and booking confirmation. You are responsible for updating it with changes unrelated to VaReHo.
  • Payment methods: the traveller will immediately be able to see the acceptable methods of payments. This information will also be specified during the posting of your holiday house.
  • Feedback: This tag marks where travellers can view the feedback comments left by others who have stayed in your holiday house. The greater number of positive comments you have, the greater your chance other travellers will enquire about availability for your house.
  • Your advice: below the actual advert VaReHo suggests things to do in your holiday house’s local area. You are required to specify the recommended activities during posting. Contact VaReHo Customer Support if you have any doubts or queries.

Paying close attention to these details is the secret behind extremely successful rentals and holidays.

5. Ready, steady, rent!

Now you and, in particular, your house are ready to receive tourists from all around the world longing to have the perfect holiday. Once your property is posted, it will be automatically published in 5 different languages. This will allow you to have immediate international visibility.

IMPORTANT! Once your advert is online, you will receive availability requests from travellers potentially interested in renting out your property.

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