Marketing solutions

1. Attracting travellers

Once you have furnished your holiday home and are ready to welcome travellers, all you need do is make it available and visible to prospective guests.

Internet sites to rent out holiday houses

Today the easiest and fastest way to do it is publish an advert on dedicated holiday rental sites such as VaReHo, to put owners and travellers in contact. Traditional printed adverts are much more expensive than publishing your property on holiday house rental sites, particularly in comparison to VaReHo where each owner can advertise their own holiday home.

Specialized sites

An alternative could be to place your holiday home on specialized sites according to specific hobbies or groups of travellers, to attract those interested in particular types of holiday house.

Personal sites

As well as publishing an advert on holiday home rental sites, many owners set up their own personal website for greater visibility and to increase their chances of being contacted.

2. The right fees

First of all you need to assess if the rental fee will simply cover the management costs and possessions of the house or if you need to generate additional profit.

What is the best policy on fees to cover all the costs relating to your house?

This is what you need to know:

According to related research the high season generally averages 12 weeks. Calculate the total monthly costs for your property (such as mortgage, maintenance, etc) and apply the total as the high season weekly rate. This way, renting it out for 12 weeks, you should cover the annual costs and your business will break even. Profits can be made by managing to rent out the property for several weeks at low season at a lower rate.

For example:

if the total cost is equivalent to €700 (with an annual total of €8,400), the weekly rate in high season will also be equivalent to €700 so that the 12 weeks of the season cover the total annual costs.

Of course, fixing rental rates for your holiday home is not just a question of costs. You need to pay careful attention to your particular sector of the holiday home market so as not to set your prices too low or too high.

What to do?

  • Find out about the rates for holiday homes in your area with similar features by consulting the adverts on sites such as VaReHo or bring in a local estate agent to provide an evaluation;
  • establish daily, weekly and monthly rates, perhaps offering reduced rates for longer stays;
  • set out the high and low season periods by clearly indicating them on the table of prices;
  • define a minimum period for the stay, it can be a week over the high season and 2/3 nights in low season so as to attract the interest of weekend visitors;
  • take into consideration the possibility of providing additional services for a fee, always comparing them with adverts of holiday houses similar to yours.

3. Identify your target type of traveller

It is very important to think what kind of traveller might find your holiday house interesting and emphasize particular features that might attract the attention of your target traveller.

Since travellers mainly make choices according to the following criteria, make sure your advert is clear and easily visible:

  • Rate: the different rates must always be quoted clearly to travellers who are mostly looking in a certain price range.
  • Period: it is very important to keep the calendar of availability constantly updated so that travellers can immediately check if that the availability of your house matches their chosen holiday period. VaReHo will help you to automatically update the calendar according to the booking confirmation that you will receive.
  • Location and local amenities: it is very important to provide accurate distances between your holiday house and various local amenities.
  • The different sizes of holiday homes: always specify the size of your house, its total number and type of rooms, the total number it sleeps and in what rooms. This is one of the first things that travellers look at!

4. Create your advert

The advert for your holiday home on VaReHo consists of all the information a traveller usually looks for.

  • Title: the title of the advert, that you have posted, will appear on the top left of the page, accompanied by a brief description of the holiday homes, that you can personally edit. Don’t forget that the title is the first thing that the traveller notices about your house, so make sure that it is as detailed as possible! Include the type of property (apartment, villa etc), a reference to its location and services offered.
  • Mini-photos: a presentation photo will appear in a summary box for the advert. This is for you to choose because you need to carefully select the photo that shows your property in the best possible light.
  • The description: is the first of the tags on the advert page. It will be composed from information you specify during the posting phase of your holiday home, therefore try to be as precise as possible.
  • Services: this section is dedicated to services offered by your holiday house and in the immediate surroundings. As for the description, try to be as precise as possible when posting your advert.
  • Photos and videos: VaReHo allows you to upload up to 16 images and 1 video relating to your holiday home. Considering that the photos act as the traveller’s eyes on your house, the more you post, the more your prospective guests can evaluate and appreciate your property. The quality of each image and what it depicts is also important. Try and include at least one image for each room of the house and all the external areas, special facilities, a view of the property and a panorama of the place. Try and show off your holiday home to its best by posting photographs of tidy, well-lit spaces.
  • Prices and availability: VaReHo gives you the option of posting prices per night/week/month that will appear in this section together with a calendar displaying availability. This calendar will be automatically updated with each availability request and booking confirmation. You are responsible for updating it with your own changes unrelated to VaReHo.
  • Payment methods: travellers will immediately have the chance to see the accepted methods of payments. This information will also be specified during the insertion of your holiday house.
  • Feedback: Travellers can view the feedback comments left by others who have stayed in your holiday house under this tag. The greater number of positive comments you receive, the greater your chance that other travellers enquire about availability for your house.
  • Your advice: below the actual advert, VaReHo suggests things to do in your holiday house’s local area. You are required to specify recommended activities during posting.

Paying attention to these details is the secret behind extremely successful rentals and holidays.

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