How to rent your favourite holiday home

It’s time to leave at last! VaReHo is always by your side and will help you, even during the lead-up to departure. Within this section you will find a series of practical steps to get your holiday off to the best start. 

You will discover simply and quickly how to make the best of your stay. You will find valuable advice to ensure your health and safety while travelling and over your holidays. We will help you to travel intelligently with particular emphasis on safeguarding the environment. Booking your holiday house on VaReHo is easy, safe and cheap. Follow these 6 simple steps and start to enjoy VaReHo services as a traveller.

1. Register

Joining the VaReHo Travel-Community is easy, secure and cheap. Just click on the link Sign up now, that you find in the top of each VaReHo page, type in the requested information, choose a password and provide a valid e-mail address. Further information on registration

2. Select the accommodation category that most fits your needs

Do you need lots of space for your family? Would you never set off without being sure of a parking space? Do you need accommodation with easy access and no obstacles or architectural barriers? On VaReHo you can easily find the solution most suitable for you. This is why VaReHo has a section listing the different types of accommodation that you can find on the site. This will allow you to easily choose the right house for your holidays. Further information on VaReHo services for travellers

3. Learn to choose traceable and secure methods of payment

If you have decided to finalize a property booking, you must take account of the methods and conditions of payment offered by the owner/manager. To avoid unpleasant mishaps or possible fraud, VaReHo advises you to use traceable and secure methods of payment. This will allow you to pay for your stay in complete safety. Additional information on payment methods

4. Look, assess and compare

To find holiday homes that most meet your needs you can surf the Holiday House section or use the search function. If you have clear ideas or need to find something specific, you can use the Advanced Search function that allows you to do targeted research after you have set the respective parameters. On VaReHo you can find holiday houses at full or discounted rates.

5. Ready, steady, rent!

Once you have found something of interest, there are some factors to take into consideration before sending an availability request:

  • The reliability and trustworthiness of the owners/managers of the property in question. The tools that allow you to carefully assess these two factors are: certification of the account and the feedback score.
  • The description, photos and property services, to find out exactly what type of holiday home you are about to book.
  • The fees and availability periods provided by the owner/manager of the house.
  • Acceptable payment methods. Check if the owner/manager accepts the method of payment that you wish to use.
  • The owner/manager’s feedback score. We recommend checking the percentage of positive feedback to verify the reliability and trustworthiness of the owner/manager.
  • Contact VaReHo Customer Support if you have any doubts or queries.

IMPORTANT! Once you have assessed these factors you can start and send, without commitment, one or more availability requests. These requests can be sent to more than one source of accommodation and for any period of the year.

6. Leave some feedback on the property

Once the holiday is over, leave some feedback on the property. Your opinion will contribute to the growth and increased reliability of our Travel-Community. Additional information on feedback

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