General rules

All the users, travellers and holiday home owners/managers must be familiar with and respect VaReHo rules. These rules have been created to safeguard users, allowing them to become part of our growing Travel-Community and ensuring that VaReHo remains a safe site.

User conduct

VaReHo users are not permitted to:

  • Interfere with the use of the VaReHo site. VaReHo rules prohibit users using any software or activity that interferes, or could possibly interfere with any of the operational features of VaReHo. Users can add or modify the site content only in designated areas and this content must be permitted by the other rules of the site. Under no circumstances must a user overwrite, block, hide or modify content generated by VaReHo.
  • Use vulgar language on the site. Using vulgar, racist, sexual or obscene language in the public area is strictly forbidden.
  • Violate VaReHo’ intellectual property rights.
  • Continue to use VaReHo if the account has been suspended. VaReHo forbids users suspended for violations to register with new accounts or to participate in the activities of the site using accounts that may be linked to the suspended one.

In addition to the rules valid for all users, VaReHo also has specific rules for owners/managers and travellers.


The identity of users is an essential aspect for the VaReHo’ Travel-Community. VaReHo treats the identity of users with great respect. VaReHo demands the same level of respect from users of the Travel-Community.

VaReHo users:

  • cannot supply false identities;
  • must supply truthful and complete contact information and have a valid e-mail address;
  • cannot publish other users’ contact information on the site’s public areas;

Communicating between users

VaReHo users cannot use the VaReHo mailing system for deceptive purposes, send unrequested emails (spamming) or threaten other users via e-mail.

The infringement of just one of these rules can result in:

  • closure of adverts;
  • curtailment of the use of VaReHo;
  • suspension of the account;
  • removal of feedback and/or related comments;
  • permanent exclusion from the site and all the services offered by VaReHo.

Respect of these rules is the key to the success of rentals and holidays.

Further information

VaReHo may to modify the content of the agreement at any time by publishing a new version on its website. Unless specified otherwise, all the new terms and conditions of the agreement will automatically take effect 30 (thirty) days from the publication date.

These general rules form an integral part of the agreement between users and VaReHo.

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